Check out these delicious recipes from ProStart students. 

Pan Fried Scallops with Beet Puree

Created By: Adam Matunas – Vermont ProStart student

Delicate, buttery scallops are enhanced by colorful beet puree. Seafood lovers will love this recipe from Adam Matunas, a Vermont ProStart student. 

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Oreo Cheesecake

Created By: Alexander Pham – Kansas ProStart student

Your favorite cookie gets the cheesecake treatment in this rich, decadent dessert from Alexander Pham, a Kansas ProStart student. 

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Ginger Steamed Cake

Created By: Mikayla Cox – Colorado ProStart student

For those who eat with their eyes first, this show-stopping dessert from Colorado ProStart student Mikayla Cox won’t disappoint. 

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Asian Halibut

Created By: Sarah De La Rosa – Texas ProStart student

Traditional Asian flavors spice up this simple yet elegant halibut dish from Sarah De La Rosa, a Texas ProStart student. 

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Pan Seared Chicken

Created By: Milton Hernandez Cedeno – Pennsylvania ProStart student

Perfect your pan-sear technique with this simple chicken dish served on a bed of quinoa from Pennsylvania ProStart student Milton Hernandez Cedeno.

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