Frequently Asked Questions

The ProStart Virtual Lounge is a place for ProStart students and alumni to show off their skills, learn new things, and have fun. The website features student recipes, success stories, and inspiration from celebrity chefs and restaurant industry supporters who support you and the ProStart program.

The Virtual Lounge is also home to the first ever “ProStart Student Lounge” where you can chat with other ProStart students across the country, track progress on your individual goals, and check out exclusive culinary demos, tutorials, and contests that are only open to ProStart students like you.

To gain access to the ProStart Student Lounge and its exclusive content, you’ll need to register and log in to the site. You can sign up and register at this link here. Once you register, someone on our team will approve your registration and confirm your participation in the ProStart Student Lounge. This process can take up to 48 hours – you will receive an email confirming your registration once this process is complete. Once your registration is approved, you will be able to log in and access the Lounge.

For any issues related to logging in to the ProStart Virtual Lounge or Student Lounge, please send an email to with “Student Lounge Login” in the subject line. Someone on our team will be able to assist.

ProStart is a nationwide two-year career and technical education program focused on culinary arts and restaurant management, offered in 1,700 schools across the country with 140,000 students enrolled. ProStart provides students a platform to discover new interests and gain new skills, while highlighting successful career opportunities across the industry. You can learn more about ProStart here.

If you are interested in setting up a ProStart program in your state or school, please contact your State ProStart Coordinator – contact information for Coordinators can be found here.

For members of industry or  mentors looking to get involved with the ProStart program, check out this resource for ways to engage with ProStart in your community.