Learn from ProStart students across the country and see what they’re cooking up in their home kitchens.

Fried rice with vegetables

Created By: @meltree28

Have leftover takeout rice? ProStart student @meltree28 shows how to turn it into a quick and delicious meal.

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Creamy lemon chicken Francese

Created By: @criellescooking

ProStart student @criellescooking’s mise en place sets her up for success in this creamy chicken recipe tutorial.

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Mini lemon cheesecake

Created By: @Ashleyyyx9

Georgia ProStart champion @Ashleyyyx9 shows off her serious sanitation skills in this cheesecake demo.

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Tres Leches Cake

Created By: @frootruppes

Get creative and experiment with food coloring in ProStart student @frootruppes tres leches cake tutorial.

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Crème puffs

Created By: @samgrace2003

Homemade crème puffs – simplified for bakers of any skill level by ProStart student @samgrace2003.

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